Why I decided to start a blog….

First Blog

What has Katie got to say?

I have always loved reading other people’s blogs and I have always admired how writing can offer so much to individuals.  I have felt such comfort and reassurance in reading someone’s piece which was so related to either your present life or something which has happened in your past. This was the catalyst in me starting exactly what Katie said“.

I have wanted to produce a real, genuine and truthful blog which I hope other people can connect to. For a long time I struggled in silence with my mental health and I felt unable to be completely honest with others, or more importantly with myself about how I was struggling on a day-to-day basis. Writing this is so empowering and I will ensure complete and utter honesty with every upcoming post, as hard as I know it may be.

My blog aims to let you into my life and come along with me on the unpredictable challenges it can throw at you. However life also has a lot of happiness and laughter to offer, which although difficult at times to see, it is there. Believe me.




In the words of Andy Williams “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

“I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas” the line that starts being thrown around as soon as Summer ends. We anticipate this one day with bated breath. Whether you have been given the task of hosting the “big day” or you are one of the guest’s waiting to be served the most famous meal of the year.

Christmas for you may be on the 25th of December or it may fall on another day of the year, or you may not celebrate Christmas at all.

But for those who do celebrate, your perception of Christmas and what it consists of will vary between family traditions and evolve as you get older. I look at my cousin’s 3 year old, the sheer excitement on her face about Santa and his reindeer coming to visit is what makes it such a magical time for her.

Now I am older, the “magic” surrounding Christmas is different. Of course, eating chocolate for breakfast and not feeling guilty is always going to be magical in my eyes. Giving presents to your family and friends becomes just as rewarding as receiving a present from someone. You treasure the fact you are surrounded by your loved ones and grateful you are able to reflect on the year you have had. Listening and sharing stories about what you may have experienced together or individually. A poignant time to reminisce on those Christmas days you spent with someone who is no longer here. For me, there is a massive void at my families table since losing my Nan. But we have begun to adapt to change and celebrate Christmas in a new way.

That’s the magic of Katie’s Christmas.

“The spirit of Christmas is joy, the message is peace and the meaning is love”